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152                             SHIPPING PRACTICE

York-Antwerp Rules, 1950                 York-An twerp Rules, 1924

provisions of this Rule shall be
applied to the second port or place
as if it were a port or place of
refuge. The provisions of Rule XI
shall be applied to the prolongation
of the voyage occasioned by such

Rule X ft}.—The cost of hand-
ling on board or discharging cargo,
fuel or stores, whether at a port or
place of loading, call or refuge, shall
be admitted as general average when
the handling or discharge was neces-
sary for the common safety or to
enable damage to the ship caused
by sacrifice or accident to be re-
paired, if the repairs were necessary
for the safe prosecution of the

Rule X (c).—Whenever the cost
of handling or discharging cargo,
fuel or stores is admissible as
general average, the cost of reload-
ing and stowing such cargo, fuel or
stores on board the ship, together
with all storage charges (including
fire insurance, if incurred) on such
cargo, fuel or stores, shall likewise
be so admitted. But when the ship
is condemned or does not proceed on
her original voyage, no storage ex-
peases incurred after the date of
the ship's condemnation or of the
abandonment of the voyage shall be
admitted as general average. In the
event of the condemnation of the
ship or the abandonment of the
voyage before completion of dis-
charge of cargo, storage expenses
as above shall be admitted as
general average up to date of com-
pletion of discharge.

Rule X (*).—If a ship under
average be in a port or place at
which it is practicable to repair her,
so as to enable her to carry on the
whole cargo, and if, in order to save
expenses, either she is towed thence
to some other port or place of repair
or to her destination, or the cargo
or a portion of it is transhipped by
another ship, or otherwise for-
warded, then the extra cost of such
towage, transhipment and forward-
ing, or any of them (up to the
amount of the extra expense saved)
shall be payable by the several
parties to the adventure in propor-
tion to the extraordinary expense

Rule X (b).—Same

Rule X (c).—Same

Rule X (d).—Same